Tales of the Riverman 47


It was a quiet winter’s day in Glasgow and in Partick Police Office no one really wished to go outside as it was below freezing and there was ice on the ground. A member of the public wanders into the station, a person, well known to the Police for making up stories and at this time of year knew that he could always get a heat in the station while he told his latest tale.

He claimed that he had been out bird watching and had been fighting his way down the banks of the River Kelvin through the bushes and fallen trees towards Kelvingrove Park when he saw two skeletal legs sticking straight up out of the river with shoes on the feet. The tale of the skeleton was interspersed with stories of the various feathered friends he had seen that day. The Officer behind the bar duly filled in a form making a report and saying that someone would look into it as soon as an Officer became available.

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