Tales of the Riverman 46


Continuing the stories of Ben Parsonage who arrived on the Glasgow Green Lifeboat scene 100yrs ago (assistant 1918-1928, Officer 1928-1979)

Some of you will remember the year 1939 One evening Bennie talked to one of our family friends about an unusual rescue he had carried out at the Albert Bridge. Two boys had gone bird’s egg collecting from the nests in the girders below the bridge. The boys were finding difficulty getting back off the bridge and as dusk was coming down, they started to shout for help. Bennie arrived with a policeman in one of his boats and a ladder. The ladder was stood upright from the boat, up against the girders of the bridge, and with the policeman holding it as tightly as he could the bold Ben, carrying a rope over his shoulder climbed up onto the girders. He then crawled along to where the boys were and lowered them down one by one into the boat below. He then returned down the ladder into his boat.

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