Tales of the Riverman 41


I do not like talking about “cases” that may bring back unhappy memories to people, but recently I have been asked details about the television film “Plain Sight”-so here are some details of the Glashow Humane Society involvement.

Peter Thomas Anthony Manuel (13 March 1927 – 11 July 1958) was an AmericanScottish serial killer who was convicted of murdering a total of seven people across Lanarkshire and southern Scotland between 1956 and his arrest in January 1958, and is believed to have murdered two more, nine in all. Prior to his arrest, the media nicknamed the unidentified killer "the Beast of Birkenshaw". Manuel was hanged at Glasgow's Barlinnie Prison on Friday, July 11, 1958; he was one of the last prisoners to die on the Barlinnie gallows.

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