Summary of 2016

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227 years of service

Operational report to the Annual General Meeting June 2017 by George Parsonage

The Glasgow Humane Society continues to serve the public of Glasgow and the visitors to our great city.

The City, the Country, the World is full of problems that require to be looked at, but I cannot apologise for being extremely parochial in my following comments, only looking at water safety throughout our wonderful City.


It has been said that “Glasgow is Miles Better”

Maybe our saying should be “Glasgow---- light years ahead”

If we look at what is happening water safety wise in other Cities across the UK, Glasgow is lucky. Many Cities are now spending many thousands of pounds on safety surveys to see how they can make their territory safer.

The Glasgow Humane Society has been giving this service to the Greater Glasgow area for over 226 years.

More Independent Lifeboats are being set up along our coastlines and in our Lochs/Lakes Rivers and other waterways. There are possibly more Independent Lifeboats in the UK than there are RNLI.

Glasgow has had this service since the time of the French Revolution.

Glasgow has set and is setting a standard in waterside development incorporating safety. While others spend-spend-spend on consultancies we do it in-house with a combination of the Glasgow Humane Society and the Glasgow City Council Water Safety Group—founded by the Humane Society.

Officers, Directors and supporters of the Glasgow Humane Society, Councillors City Employees and Citizens must be, and rightly should be, proud of our partnership.


Statistics and pictures of the year just past

Riverbank patrols carried out by Officers, Lifeguards and Riverwatchers
River patrols carried out by Officers and Lifeguards
Retrieving and replacing lifebelts
Meetings attended
Hazards removed
Lost or stolen items recovered
Events covered
Animal incidents dealt with
Training courses held
Bodies recovered
Acute rescues
Rescues attended
Accidents prevented by direct immediate intervention


Advice and/or assistance was sought on an almost daily basis

Among those seeking our advice were the following---Glasgow Life; Land and Environmental Services; Community Safety Glasgow; Development and Regeneration Services; North Lanarkshire Council; South Lanarkshire Council; Forestry Commission; Peel Holdings (Clydeport); SEPA; Scottish Water; Police Scotland; Scottish Fire and Rescue; Clubs, Universities, Schools

GHS are pleased to see the following groups whom we assisted in establishing, doing well; Lochwatch Loch Awe, Foyle Search and Rescue, Safe Tay

We are also pleased to have given safety advice to several Councils and Groups in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland—nice to know that our safety advice is being looked at and that several areas are establishing Water Safety Groups similar to the Glasgow Humane Society/Glasgow City Council Water Safety group






Boom gates—50+ chains and locks on gates-suds ponds-bollards



60+ new lifebelt hooks



Fance gaps-extra safety bars-signage-fence repaired-new build



Bank clearance-signs can now be seen-foliage removed—rubbish removed



Searches under quay walls



Assistance with quay wall and riverbank inspections



Lifebelt retrieval—signage with GPS numbering



Safety cover and design input for the new Cunningar footbridge



Event cover-fireworks-Albert Bridge opening-Armistice-Regattas



Boat launching for searches whatever the time-whatever the weather



Safety cover and advice during the removal of the Polmadie Footbridge



Training-motorboats-rowing-ropes and knots-above and below weir



Repair and rebuild of boats






Maintenance work after flooding



Removal of trees and other debris



Dealing with wildlife





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