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What do we do?

We prevent accidents
We give safety advice to Councils, developers and individuals
We keep watching briefs on river and riverbank users
We give total or additional safety cover at events
We have a Lifeguard Corp
We provide training and run courses internal and external
We have developed a network of public helping to make a safer waterway environment

Volunteers Welcomed

If you would like to volunteer your time to the Glasgow Humane Society, or you think you have a skill which you think would complement the Charity you can contact us using the following link.

Who benefits?

Image of eights rowing

The people who use the river for sporting and recreational purposes, which includes 14 rowing clubs, canoeists and The Rutherglen Cruising Club who make daily use of the River. Commuters, members of the public and tourists who visit along the river bank and walkway. Assistance is also given to the other emergency services.